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 Post subject: Character Vault
PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:22 am 
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This thread serves to keep the player characters, both their statistics and important background facts about them, including their Kickers. Every player has one post in this thread to present his character. Characters may be posted even now, in their incomplete form, an details can be filled in later by editing. The same holds true for any later character advancement, etc.

Please, no discussion or replies of any kind in this thread! This is to be merely a character repository.

My real name is Michael; use it, if you like.

 Post subject: Re: Character Vault
PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:38 pm 
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Spoiler: show
Ghost Jaguar is a member of the Sky-fire tribe, and as such is one of the Descended. Born in the Jungle he learnt to grow up fast and he had soon outlived both of his older brothers and a younger sister. His father Blooded Eagle, was a great Hunter, and he knew the Jungle better than any man who had come before him, and better than any yet to come. He taught his son, Ghost Jaguar the ways of the Jungle, he taught that the Jungle could be a fierce enemy or a great ally. He taught that the Jungle did not only take life, but that it gave it too.

Ghost Jaguar’s Grandfather, Tree Demon, was a great warrior who was born in the Jade Cities. He had served as the High Priests Champion for many years however, when his son (Ghost Jaguar’s Uncle) was to be sacrificed for “a crime he didn’t commit” Tree Demon rose up in defiance, he freed his son and the two of them fled into the Jungle. Not even three weeks later, Tree Demon had to watch as a fungus ate its way through his son from the inside out. Unable to save his life, the old warrior eased his son’s passing, the obsidian blade tracing effortlessly across his sons throat.

Tree Demon lived alone for the next three years before encountering a tribe of Descended. The old warrior had incorporated many ferns and branches into his quilted armour in an effort to camouflage himself, however one of the keen eyed hunters noticed something unusual, and investigated, upon discovering that the “tree” was alive the Descended attacked, the old warrior responded almost killing the young man. The other Descended attacked, and Tree Demon fought back with an inhuman ferocity, downing two more Descended before he himself was subdued. Years of Ritual “Flower Wars” had ensured that the three men wounded by Tree Demon had not been killed, and he himself was lucky enough to survive his own wounds long enough for the Descended to find he was human.

The Descended took him to their camp as their prisoner, however upon seeing the wounded warrior, the Chieftains daughter demanded he be freed. As freedom is something that all Descended hold dear to themselves, her wishes were met. Over the next months Tree Demon (so named for his first encounter with the Descended) proved himself a valuable member of the Tribe. Eventually he married the Chieftains daughter and had several sons, of which the only one to survive to adulthood was Blooded Eagle...

When Ghost Jaguar was thirteen years of age he married Laughing Bird and a year later they were blessed with a young daughter, Beautiful Flower, whenever she laughed or giggled, or pulled funny faces at the fish in the rivers, life seemed just a little less harsh. However when she was four years old tragedy struck the young family as Beautiful Flower fell violently ill. She had eaten on of the seeds in the otherwise edible Bayadu fruit. The tribe healer tried everything in her power but it was of no use, Beautiful Flower was dying. “There is nothing that can be done, this is the Jungle.” Said the healer, but Ghost Jaguar refused to listen, he hunted high and low for any kind of herb that could help, but nothing would slow the poison. Finally one of the old men of the tribe mentioned that when Ghost Jaguar’s Grandfather had come to the jungle he brought with him a golden mushroom that had miraculously healed him when he was a young boy. Seeing no other choice Ghost Jaguar gathered together his few possession then taking his daughter in his arms he set off for the Jade City, his wife in tow.

A kilometre out from the Jade City, Ghost Jaguar and his young family encountered one of the rare Ascended huntining parties that were brave enough venture into the Jungle. Seeing the Descended the men attacked, Ghost Jaguar tried to reason with them but they did not listen, taking his grandfather’s war club in hand the young warrior tried his best to defend himself and his family, managing to drive off the initial assualt, and saving their lives. However the hunters soon regrouped and when they came the second time they were prepared to face a warrior not a primitive, they flanked Ghost Jaguar and although he fought with all the heart of a Jungle Warrior, he was shortly overcome. A war mace to the head ended the fight.

When he came too he was in giant marketplace, dried blood clung to the side of his head. All around him he could hear people talking but their tongues seemed crude, but still he knew enough of the words to be able to make out what they were saying. He was standing on raised stage, all his possession had be striped from him including his loincloth. Standing naked on unsteady feet he watched as men and women placed bids. When it was his turn to be bid on, a man in an elaborate head dress said something in an even stranger tongue, something about, “not it, the gods’ one”, and just like that he was dragged off. He later learnt that he was enslaved and that like most healthy men and women that were enslaved he had been taken to the Temple to serve the Priests.

For weeks he tried to question his captives about his family and each time he was met with blow to the face, he was treated little better than animal, used to haul great burdens, and to wait on hand and foot his “master’s” every desire. After six weeks, he finally glimpsed his wife in the great temple, crying out he ran to her, but he was intercepted by several guards he bludgeoned him into unconsciousness. It took him two weeks to heal enough to be of use again, the surgeon, an older slave, had said he was lucky he healed so quick as usually he would have been dispatched after a few days, but the Priest had seen he was strong.

Over the next month Ghost Jaguar befriended the unusually fat slave Tlaxha, and through him discovered that a slave’s life need not be as hard as one would assume. And that by earning a “Patron” a Slave could earn more rights, even the ability to move around more freely, if of course he could prove himself more useful in matters concerning the “Great Game”. Seeing an opportunity to see his wife again, and to find out is his daughter was ok, Ghost Jaguar took Tlaxha’s advice and did everything he could to earn himself a Patron. Eventually he succeeded in earning himself a Patron and managed to prove himself rather useful in the ways of court intrigue. Over the next months he saw his wife three more times, and on the third time learnt that their daughter was alive and well, that she had been saved by an old Warrior who knew of the Gold Fungi. Ghost Jaguar’s heart nearly burst with over-enjoyment but he managed to contain it swearing that he would someday repay the man who saved his daughter. Over the next six months Ghost Jaguar switched one priest to another eventually landing in the “employ” of one of the senior most Priests in the temple. He quickly discovered that his new master was involved deeply in the Great Game and that his principal opponent was the Priestess that “owned” his wife and daughter. This allows Ghost Jaguar to see his wife and child more frequently as he spies for his master in the Great Game. But still Ghost Jaguar looks to the Jungle, he longs to be free, but he cannot leave the City without his Wife and Child…

The Following change depending on other people characters!!

Name: Ghost Jaguar
Age: 19
Descended Hunter/Warrior now a Slave to "High Priest Higginault"

Spiritual Attributes:

(4) Drive: To free his familly and the other Descended.
(3) Passion: Hate the gods and their abominations (the Cities, servitors, etc)
(1) Destiny: Overthrow the Cities & their "gods" freeing the people & returning nature to its rightful place.
(0) Conscience: A deep-seated almost spiritual need to do the right thing no matter the consciquences.
(0) Anti-Destiny: To usher in a new age of terror under the rule of the god-King Itzcoatl.

Drama Points (0)
Insight (6)

A = Attributes
B = Skills
B = Proficiencies
D = Race
F = Gifts/Flaws
F = Social Class

Attributes (Agility High)

ST: 4     WP: 4     Ref: 7
AG: 7     WT: 7     Aim: 6
TO: 4     MA: 6     KD:  5
EN: 5     SO: 5     KO:  6
HT: 5     PR: 6     Mov: 8

Pole Arms 7
Mass Weapon & Shield 7 (Defaults from Pole Arm at –3, +3 Proficiencies)
Cut & Thrust 4
Dagger 4
Doppelhander 5
Greatsword 4
Poleaxe 5
Pugilism/Brawling 5
Sword & Shield 5
Wrestling 4

Skills (Woodsman taken twice)

Acrobatics 7 (Learned from MA) *
Animal Guise 5
Battle 7 (Learned from MA)
Body Language 7 (Learned from MA)
Camouflage 5
Climbing 6
Herbalist 6
Hunting/Trapping 4+1
Intrigue 7 (Learned from MA) *
Leadership 7 (Learned from MA)
Orienteering 4+1
Ridicule 7 (Learned from MA) *
Scrounging 5 *
Sneak 6
Survival 4+1
Swimming 4+1
Tracking 6
Weather Sense 5



KICKER: Ghost Jaguar has just recieved word that the Servitors are on their way to take his daughter to the Mountain for only the gods know what reason. He has to do something, but what?!

Small copper knife.
Short Spear.

"It was hard-fought, a desperate affair that could have gone badly; if God had not helped me, the outcome would have been quick and fatal" (115) ~ Beowulf after defeating Grendle's Mother.

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 Post subject: Pac Utal
PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:48 pm 
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Pac Utal

Character Sheet

Priority Picks

Racial - E - Ascended, Born in this city
Social - C - Master Artisan
Attributes - D - 38 Points
Skills - A - 6/6
Proficiencies - F - 0 Proficiencies/Vagaries
Gifts and Flaws - B - Major Gift of Godstone Shaping

Strength2Will Power4
Toughness2Mental Aptitude5
Derived Attributes

Spiritual Attributes

Destiny: To be indirectly responsible for the collapse of a mound.
Drive (3): To see Ozomatli freed from the tyranny of the Servitors and Priests.
Luck (5)
Oath: (1) To protect the secrets of the workshop and its clients.
Passion: Loyalty to his workshop "family".

Skill Packets
Guildsman (6)Poisoner (6)
AppraisalActing -1
Body Language +2Antidote Preparation (-2 from MA)
Diplomacy -1Camouflage
Intrigue (-1 from MA)First Aid -1
LawHerbalist -2
Persuasion -2Poison Preparation -2
Ridicule +2Traps +1 (-2 from MA)
Streetwise +1
Stewardship +1


Spoiler: show

Pac Utal is a master artisan. He owns and runs the foremost godstone-shaping workshop in the city. He is capable of shaping godstone, the material of which the city is built, as are the artisans that he employs. Pac is wealthy and successful.

P'Tarn, his younger brother, is also a master artisan working with Pac and co-owner of the workshop. P'Tarn is also an elite athlete who strives, as a member of the League of Artisans team, to become The One, the annual sacrifice to the gods who -- through his sacrifice -- ascends to the level of the gods for a year where he protects the city from the incursion of the Jungle.

An-Ara, Pac's younger sister, also works at Pac's workshop. She organizes the mundane workers. She is a free spirit, often absent from work, determined to find her own way. She is a mound monkey, a member of the group who take great delight in scaling the mound horizontally from entrance point to entrance point, usually the stairs cut into the mound that give access to the Jungle below.

Pac's workshop specialises in the shaping of godstone. His apprentices and journeymen also have the Gift of Godstone Shaping. They are all members of Pac's extended family. When shaping Godstone there is always a trade-off between the size of the piece that is shaped and the intricacy of the surface detail that can be achieved. They are inversely proportional, so smaller detailed pieces can be created or larger plainer pieces. Each sculptor works alone. The maximum size of a piece that can be worked as actually relatively small. However, one of the properties of godstone is that if one block is left atop another for a day or so the two blocks will fuse together. After many days only a small seam will be visible on the surface. This property allows larger pieces to be constructed, as each sculptor creates a smaller component and then the individual pieces are allowed to fuse together.

Pac has recently discovered a way to allow more than one artisan to work on a single piece of godstone. Interestingly, when two artisans work on a piece their shaping seems to cancel out -- the godstone remains unchanged. The same happens with three or four artisans. However, when five work together synergy is achieved and the godstone is shaped -- it almost becomes fluid, allowing the artisans to achieve great detail on a very large piece. The resulting sculpt is seamless.

Pac has arranged for a major work to be gifted to a patron within the Temple during the festivities that lead up to the tournament of the Great Game. This work of art is unique. It will bestow great prestige upon this particular patron. Pac expects to be well rewarded, though not necessarily directly or immediately.

Interestingly Pac has discovered that the five are also able to do what one sculptor has never been able to do -- and that is produce a razor sharp edge to godstone. Pac's team have produced several dozen arrowheads as well as eight short swords modeled on the sacrificial godstone blades wielded by the priest-sacrificers.

Unknown to all but a select few patrons the Utal's have a second family business. Pac is a master poisoner. P'Tarn and An-Ara regularly descend to the Jungle floor where they meet with Descended and trade with them. The goods available within the city are traded for the raw materials available within the Jungle -- a vast array of poisonous plants, insects, and animals. Recently Pac instructed P'Tarn and An-Ara to gift a dozen godstone arrowheads to the chief of the Descended. He waits to hear a report on how these arrowheads perform against the tough animal hides of the Jungles predators.

Pac has a very academic approach to poisons. Over the last twenty-odd years he has written down a great body of knowledge regarding the substances that are available, their properties, their preparation, and their administration. As Pac catalogued the rich variety of poisonous flora and fauna of the jungle Pac discovered that there were several substances in it that didn't appear to be poisonous but did appear to have active toxins within them. Pac reasoned that these toxins must be inimical to something else -- perhaps other animals within the Jungle? However, when the gods became active his reasoning shifted. Perhaps these toxins could slay a god...? This knowledge was purely theoretical and Pac discussed his theories with no-one.

Pac also pondered the possibility that one of his patrons might one day seek to use his products against the gods. Pac reasoned that if that happened it would be better to have that poisoning be successful than to simply have a god loaded with a human toxin that potentially did nothing but expose the perpetrator and through the perpetrator himself. So Pac secretly started incorporating his theoretical god poisons into every human toxin ordered from a client within the Temple district.

Pac is acutely aware of potential for exposure represented by the go-betweens that have been used between himself and his clients. He has been able to determine the identities of two of those clients. He assumes that if he has been able to work out who the client is then one or more of the clients have been able to work out who the vendor is.

This concerns him greatly and is an issue that he has pondered for quite some time. His solution has been to poison the go-betweens -- and provide them with an antidote -- without them knowing. He uses a contact poison on the packaging that remains active for only a short time when exposed to air. The go-betweens handle the package and the poison enters the skin and into the bloodstream. By the time the package reaches the client the contact poison has become inert. Pac also supplies the go-between with a bag of candy. The candy is laced with a mild euphoric -- and a temporary antidote to the contact poison. He warns the go-between to only eat one of the candy each day -- more than that would be bad for their "teeth". He keeps them regularly supplied with the candy.


Pac's work is about to come to the attention of the gods. One of their number has been poisoned, and as the god lies stiffening on the ground all of their number determine to find the perpetrator.

When the murder of the god comes to light Pac will stop adding the antedote to the go-between's candy. He'll add more of the euphoric and then send a new "better" batch of candy to each of the go-betweens. Pac is relying on the elimination of the middle-men as a way of eliminating the trail between the client and himself. Everything hinges though on how long it takes the gods to find the actual client...

 Post subject: Re: Character Vault
PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 5:00 pm 
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Name: Itzcoatl
Concept: A high priest who is annoyed that his autority is undermined by gods and their servants
Age: 38

A: High-ranking priest
A: Skills (6/6)
C: Attributes (42)
E: Proficiencies (3)
E: Gifts
F: Ascended-born

Physical    Mental      Derived        
Attributes  Attributes  Attributes   

ST  3       WP   6      Reflex    4
AG  3       PER  5      Aim       4 
TO  2       MA   5      Knockdown 3 
EN  3       WT   5      Knockout  5 
HT  3       SOC  7      Move      4

Throwing Snakes 3
Throwing Rocks 1 (default)

CP 4
MP 7

Skill Packets
Clergyman (modified by Michael) 6/Courtier 6

Acting 13 *
Animal Handling (Snakes) 6 (MA bonus)
Appraisal 7
Astronomy 6
Dancing 6
Diplomacy 6
Etiquette (Court) 3
Etiquette (Temple) 4
Gambling 6 (MA bonus)
Games 5
Herbalism 6 (MA bonus) *
Intimidate 6 (MA bonus)
Intrigue 6
Law 6
Leadership 6 *
Meditation 6
Orate 6 *
Persuasion 7
Read & Write 4
Ridicule 6
Search 8
Sign Language (of the Gods) 7 (lowered with MA bonus) *
Sincerity 5 *
Stewardship 6
Surgery 7
Theology 6

Gifts & Flaws

Minor Allies (fanatical servitors + few loyal proficient ones)
Greed (for power)

Kicker: Itzcoatl is seen stealing an Artefact from one of the gods by his arch rival Layanna.

Destiny: To ascend into godhood in a twisted way 4
Drive: To preserve or improve his state of influence and power 3
Drive: To manipulate Layanna under his control 3
Passion: Hatred toward Gods & Servitors 1
Luck: 3

Drama Points: 0
Insight: 3

- not naked as on the pic, he has elaborate robes
- feel free trying to imagine that the nose ornament is actually a tattoo
- dibs on Ritual_mask_1.jpg (from the image files sent by Michael)
- click here to see the full image

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 Post subject: Re: Character Vault
PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:12 pm 
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The following assumes 7 points split between SAs, which as I recall is the standard.

Name: Punchau
Age: 45
Experienced Warrior

Race: F
Social: C (Warrior)
Attributes: B
Proficiencies: A
Skills: E
Gifts/Flaws: D (1 minor gift/1 minor flaw)

Kicker (as summarised by Grettir): Passing through the temple on some errand, Punchau's sees Palaluca being escorted into the sacrificial dungeons -- she's been sentenced to sacrification.

Attributes (Wits High)

ST: 5     WT: 6     Ref: 5
AG: 4     PR: 5     Aim: 4
TO: 5     WP: 5     KD:  4
HT: 4     MA: 4     KO:  6
EN: 4     SO: 4     Mov: 6

Spiritual Attributes:

Destiny: Play a major role in the downfall of the Gods  1
Passion: Loves Palaluca                                 3
Faith: The Gods                                         1
Drive: Protect Palaluca                                 4
Conscience                                              0


Dagger 6
Mass Weapon and Shield 3 (default from Dagger)
Open Hand 5 (default from Dagger) + 1 = 6
Pole arms 2 (default from Dagger) + 2 = 4
Sword and Shield 4 (default from dagger)

Thrown Knives 6

Skills (Soldier/Guardsman; * for skill checks)

Battle 8
Diplomacy 11
Etiquette 9
First Aid 8
Heraldry 9
Intimidate 9
Intrigue *
Law 8
Leadership 9
Orate 9
Persuasion 8
Search 8
Strategy 8 (-1 from MA)
Style Analysis 9 (learned from MA)
Tactics 8 (-1 from MA)
Tracking 8
Weapon Art 9 (-1 from MA)


Accuracy (Minor Gift)
Bad Tempered (Minor Flaw)

 Post subject: An-Ara Utal
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 10:21 pm 
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An-Ara Utal WiP

Character Sheet

Priority Picks

Racial - E - Ascended, Born in this city
Social - C - Master Artisan
Attributes - D - 38 Points
Skills - A - 6/6
Proficiencies - F - 0 Proficiencies/Vagaries
Gifts and Flaws - B - Major Gift of Allies

Strength2Will Power4
Toughness2Mental Aptitude5
Derived Attributes

Spiritual Attributes

Drive (2): To exact a terrible revenge upon those responsible for the death of her brothers.
Luck (5)
Oath: To protect the secrets of the workshop and its clients.

Skill Packets
Entertainer (6)Poisoner (6)
Acrobatics +1 (-4 MA)Acting -1
ActingAntidote Preparation
Dancing -1Camouflage
Disguise (-1 MA)First Aid -1
Games -1Herbalist -2
Instrument (Drum)Poison Preparation -2
Intrigue +1Traps +1
Juggling -1
Singing -1


Spoiler: show

An-Ara is the younger sister of Pac Utal, master artisan and shaper of godstone. Her brothers Pac and P'Tarn are both capable of shaping godstone, the substance created by the gods of which the city is built. An-Ara is unable to shape godstone, so while her brothers and a few other relatives shape the godstone in Pac's workshop An-Ara acts as overseer of the workshops ungifted workers. This is not a task that she enjoys, and her absences have at times strained the relationship between An-Ara and Pac.

An-Ara's proclivities lie on the other side of the family business. Where Pac is a master poisoner, patient in his analysis and use of the flora and fauna of the jungle, An-Ara is a natural networker. Her contacts range from the Descended foragers with whom she trades to those that live and work within the Temple complex itself. Her natural rebelliousness, her talent for making friends, her wealth, and her ready-access to all of the products of Pac's workshop make her a favourite with many.

Recently An-Ara met the High Priestess Layanna. An-Ara was completely smitten, attracted to the peerless authority with which Layanna presides over the Temple complex. Their relationship developed and was sealed when An-Ara brokered a deal between Pac and Layanna wherein Pac agreed to create a wonderous statue of Layanna. An-Ara wasn't privy to the detail of what Pac received in return but it was clear that everyone was very satisfied with the arrangement.

The day's events have turned An-Ara's world on its head. The day started badly when the Temple Guard surprised An-Ara and a group of her friends as they were Mounding. An-Ara's dear friend Palaluca was arrested and sentenced to sacrification. An-Ara began the process of using her contacts to try to win Palaluca's freedom when she discovered that a god had been slain -- supposedly poisoned by High Priest Ixtcoatl! An-Ara then discovered that Palaluca had been freed or kidnapped by Punchau, a Temple Guard. Eventually she tracked them down and convinced them to seek refuge at the Workshop. Her jealousy was somewhat piqued, but she came to understand that Palaluca didn't even know the Guardsman!

Distressing though all this was it was largely forgotten by what followed. An-Ara and P'Tarn were ordered to make an urgent delivery to three of Pac's Temple distributors. While making the last of these drop-offs she learned that P'Tarn had been arrested. Fearing she too would be implicated in whatever P'Tarn had been arrested for she made her way cautiously to Layanna's rooms, hoping to learn what had happened to P'Tarn and to plead her case.


Layanna reveals that P'Tarn has told the Servitors that Pac is a master poisoner. The Temple Guard and -- unprecedented -- the two Servitors have gone to the workshop. In fact, they would have arrived some time ago. Layanna is clearly panicked and distressed. It is at this point that she reveals the nature of her agreement with Pac -- that she would ensure that one of his concoctions was placed within the ceremonial mask of the god.

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