The City-Fortress Anur (Actual Play)
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Author:  Conners [ Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:02 am ]
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((It won't look particularly good to them if I'm unable to post a lot, unfortunately :-/. My project has slowed down in the work I need to do, so I do have some more time to spend on this. Thing will get hectic when Christmas is approaching, though...

We'll manage, though. Tell them to PM me aobut their characters and I'll help them work their way into the game.))

Author:  Conners [ Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The City-Fortress Anur (Actual Play)

((We got a couple of new recruits interested. Still around? I'm close to recovered from my illness, so I'm posting something now.))

Manis moves toward Argus, motioning for him to lie on the bed. Ever so gently, he feels your ribs, and lower abs, sickening pain rushing through your body nevertheless. Resisting the urge to vomit, he continues this for only a moment, assessing the breakages. He then strokes along your upper arm, shivers of pain screaming down it back to your shoulder. Letting go, to your relief, he prepares some make-shift splints and bandages.

Spoiler: show
First Aid (TN 5): [dice]asmkfubtgi[/dice] [dice]vbvhvghhat[/dice] [dice]eosrgjphup[/dice] [dice]gaebcyikse[/dice] [dice]nlhtsoumry[/dice]

"It's up to you, now," your doctor claims, stepping back. "Make sure to stay resting, get some sleep, eat and drink well. Focus on getting better, and hopefully you'll be well in time for anything we plan to do."

Spoiler: show
Rolling Current Health (2) vs. the raw pain of each wound. Adding 5 dice onto each roll, due to circumstances.

Right Upper Arm (TN 5): [dice]fktzqmscgc[/dice] [dice]nemienzabl[/dice] [dice]dhwgprheyn[/dice] [dice]rnfdgikiyy[/dice] [dice]lgqzfrarad[/dice] [dice]wkonstlgid[/dice] [dice]nhzwriuqug[/dice]

Ribs (TN 9): [dice]lgccgtcksz[/dice] [dice]gmnzyuhbnv[/dice] [dice]nravmqqtnb[/dice] [dice]pegjhqbgli[/dice] [dice]zhrtpshlbu[/dice] [dice]cqpsgigiiw[/dice] [dice]ofuehaqptq[/dice]

Lower Abs (TN 12): [dice]kkmdsxfnah[/dice] [dice]pakygsgcfv[/dice] [dice]zaparethce[/dice] [dice]oikmnxmvac[/dice] [dice]kbbdidjdmi[/dice] [dice]bjvgccihux[/dice] [dice]fjdcwydzun[/dice]

Congratulations, your arm will heal in a week. Your ribs will go down from 9 Pain to 6, making them easier to heal.

"I think your arm will be just fine, with a week's rest. It was only a small fracture," Manis states confidently. "Your ribs are doing well too--but your abs are nearly as bad as I'd guess they feel. Still, you should be doing better with a few of week's rest."

"Not too many, I 'ope..." Arus says coldly, "if that chance at Gaaris springs up on us, I'll be needin' some one else ta' do yer' job..." He returns to eating, regarding you thoughtfully.

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