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Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Pac Utal tries to be persuasive...

Social 6, +1 for Drive, Diplomacy 5.


Hmmm, must add a sound affect of some dice rolling on a nice wooden table...

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Holy ****, Ian, you’ve got a whopping six successes, for a total of three winning ones – Pac Utal fulfills his Drive right away! The narration is yours, and you can exchange the Drive for another one for free.

Now, Hector – as ST and TO cancel each other out and punches are ST-2 dam, five successes yield lvl 3, in this case to the upper head. Exactly what you wanted. That’s a cracked skull (ouch!) with BL 3, S 10, P 12-WP, a knockdown roll and unconsciousness roll at –3. I’ll bothe rwith knockdown only if the knockout roll is made, with 7d10 (Qaran’s knockout) against a TN of 10 (7+3):

EDIT: Damned luck, one success!
Knockdown TN is 10 (twice the attack successes), and Qaran has 5 dice for it:

EDIT2: Damned luck again, he's neither down nor out, merely tumbled against a wall, and without any dice for the next exchange. If Punchau wants to do it again, you can repeat the roll against -- the still defenseless -- Qaran. Dice and TNs are the same as before, you can just repeat the roll, or you can make it with some other allocation of dice to Accuracy. If you're going to try again, just let me know the allocation dice and roll, all in one post. Alternatively, you can have Punchau do something else...

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

While I have been lucky indeed I'd say it's not every day you see two TN 10 rolls made in succession. Quran is one tough fighter, cracked skull or not. I think this might get interesting...

Anyway, I'll narrate my scene through to exit when I get home tonight.


Author:  Hector [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Shouldn't that be four dice at TN 7? Or were you using a house rule I didn't notice?

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Hector wrote:
Shouldn't that be four dice at TN 7? Or were you using a house rule I didn't notice?
Erm, no, I've always understood the modifier to be a modifier to the TN, merely unfortunately worded with plus and minus exchanged. That the intent is to modify the TN and not the number of dice seems clear to me from MRB p. 82:

Such rolls are made against a TN of 7, modified according to the severity of the wound (again, as outlined in the Appendix).

I've just run the numbers of the probability calculator. 4d10 against TN7 yields at least 1 success in 87% of the cases, wheras 7d10 against TN10 yields at least 1 success in only 52,2% of the cases. My interpretation was actually in your/Punchau's favour, so I hope there are no hard feelings.

Author:  higgins [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Yeah, is the roll modified or the TN? :D I've always figured that the penalty applies to the pool as a) it's with the minus sign b) TFOB rules all Knockdown TNs to 8 and clarified that the pool is modified not the TN. I've found this much easier to remember and would have sworn this was how KO also worked. Damn. :)

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

I don’t want to have any kind of split about that. I’ll hear all of your says on how you want to have this handled in the future of this thread, and for now I’m going to roll 4d10 against TN8 and am going to allow Hector to chose by which of the two results he’s going to go:

EDIT: Ok, so it's not making any difference in this case, Qaran is conscious and on his feet. But if you wish we can from now on go with modifications to the pool and TN 8. Fine with me.

Author:  Hector [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

The roll is technically supposed to be modified, as I understand it; I suspect bad grammar on Jake's part :P. When they say +/- to a given roll, it's to the number of dice, not to the TN. That said, I don't suppose it makes much difference here, what with the roll having succeeded anyway, and either rolling system works so long as we keep using it through the rest of the game.

Once again, full CP attack, this time to zone 12. -6 from the attack in order to modify the location to under the ribs. My CP remains the same, so that leaves me with 10 dice, as rolled below:


If I might assume a broad dagger, as that seems to make sense for a warrior, that would be ST+1 for damage according to the Flower of Battle, making this a level 4 wound to a location determined here (1d6-3):


"My apologies," Punchau says quietly, grimacing as he slips a knife from his belt, thrusting his knife at his old friend's stunned torso. He aims for the diaphragm; hoping to prevent him from crying out on the off chance that an alarm hasn't been raised already. He's committed now; if he doesn't escape with Pacaluca, he will share her fate.

Author:  Crow Caller [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Grettir wrote:
And Crow Caller, I've seen that you were online a while ago; have you perchance missed my post addressing Ghost Jaguar?

I'm very sorry guys, but we have had a hospital scare with my Mom, and I haven't really had the time nor inclination to post. We have recieved slightly better news today, and everything should be okay, but yeah...

...we'd appreciate any prayers.


PS: Grettir, if you need to progress the story, Ghsot Jaguar will certainly steal an object for Camasoz in order to save his daughter. He has no real loyalty to Itzcoatl, he is just his master, however this may change depending on where the story goes.

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Maz Cipac stared at the sword, entranced. Like all godstone it seemed to almost glow. Yet the blade of the sword was so thin that it looked like it might be transluscent.

"Pick it up, if you wish.", said Pac. "It looks far more delicate than it is in reality. So far the only thing we've found that will damage it is other godstone. Of course that doesn't mean that there aren't things that will stop it -- if wood or bone is thick enough..."

"It is an astonishing piece of work.", said Maz as he held the blade to the light. "Astonishing..."

Maz ran his finger along the blade. Pac held up his hand as if to warn him but it was too late. The blade had already sliced the skin, a drop of blood pooling at the tip of his finger. Maz laughed.

"I barely felt that!", he exclaimed. "Will it stay as sharp as the metal blades given to us by the gods so long ago?"

Pac smiled. "That blade can be used to slice slivers off the soft metals without the blade being damaged. We don't know how long it will keep its edge -- so far, none of these blades..."

"Blades?", Maz asked, alert now.

"We have more than one.", replied Pac. "As I was saying, so far none have lost their edge regardless of what we've tried to do to them. We did manage to chip one when we struck it against this godstone table."

"What do you intend doing with them? Will you sell them?", asked Maz.

Pac smiled though his smile didn't reach his eyes. "The gods chose to give their godstone blades to the priests. The priests placed the metal weapons in the hands of the soldiers. The rest of us, those that feed and clothe the soldiers and the priests, we were given... what, exactly? Protection from the jungle? We thank the gods for that! A place of safety in a harsh and hostile world? We thank the gods for that! What then have the priests and soldiers done with the authority -- and the weapons -- given to them? From whose ranks are the sacrifices drawn by the priests? From whose ranks are the slaves taken when the soldiers fail to protect us during a raid? Gods, Trade, Cities -- it is time we protected ourselves. And that is what these are for. Initially I hope to gift one of these to each of the Councilors of the League of Artisans. Later I hope to be able to place weapons like these in the hands of those willing to protect the Artisans."

"Who though would train those loyal to the Council to use these weapons?", Maz demured.

Pac nodded slowly. "I have a plan that I hope you will present to the Council, Maz Cipac. It is ... unorthodox, to say the least. My families' contacts extend to the Descended. We trade with them -- on a relatively equal footing. They supply us with the raw ingredients I need for our other family business. We supply them with a variety of manufactured goods that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. They are better able to survive the vagaries of jungle life. We have been able to catalogue a wide variety of flora and fauna and discover those attributes that are inimical to our well-being."

"Through these contacts," Pac continued, "I have gained the trust of several Descended. Some of these are truly fearsome warriors. Every day the jungle finds new and inventive ways of attempting to end their lives. The fact that they have survived at all says something about their self-defense skills. I therefore propose that we come to an arrangement whereby we smuggle a number of their warriors into the city in order to train those willing to learn the ways of the warrior and defend our people."

"That is quite an ambitious plan.", responded Maz. "I can't help but feel that it has been long in the planning -- and that even now it is coming into fruition. What fruit it bears though -- this remains to be seen. And considered."

"Do you think that the Council will listen to such a plan -- if it comes from one as ... well connected as yourself?", asked Pac.

Maz smiled. "I have, perhaps, a better idea. The timing of your request to see me was fortuitous in more ways than one. On my arrival here I met with someone, a long time friend. He has been a Councilor for many years, promoting the ideals of the League tirelessly. He was most ... distraught. His only child was sacrificed earlier this month. Since her arrest he has been unable to work let alone fulfill his role as Councilor. So he asked me to convey to the Council his decision to step back from his duties. He said, quite ... bluntly ... that we should find a replacement."

Pac was now on the edge of his seat.

Maz Cipac continued. "I see no need to prevaricate. I know so much about your operation here because of the urgent need to find a replacement, to find a new Councilor for the Council of the League of Artisans, to represent the city of Ozomatli. The state of your business, your standing amongst the artisan community -- these are important, to be sure. The real test though lies in the vision you have for the League, and the commitment you are prepared to make to your fellow Councilors. It is clear to me that you are the right choice -- for the League and for this city."

Pac realised he had been holding his breath, not wanting to interrupt the flow of words lest he change their direction. He let it out gently, controlled, and with it the tension of the day eased from his body. This was indeed a momentous day.

"I am honoured that you would even consider me for such a position.", he said, keeping his response simple and direct. He was just a little surprised...

Maz Cipac smiled. "Looks like you'll have to keep one of those swords for yourself -- Councilor Utal."

They stood. "We will be here for the festivities and to watch the tournament of the Great Game. On the final day of the festival, when the Great Game comes to its conclusion, there will be a meeting of the Council -- here. Would you be so kind as to make the necessary arrangements...?", Maz asked.

"Of course", Pac replied.

With that they left. Pac sat back in his chair and waited for his siblings to return.

Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ghost Jaguar. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

After Ghost Jaguar has given his pledge to Camasoz, the portly priest continues, in tones even more hushed than before.

“It is a fortunate coincidence”, he intimates, “that you are in the service of the high-priest Itzcoatl – without these propitious circumstances I couldn’t help your daughter. You see, Itzcoatl has inhis possession the only thing I could use to bargain for my life or at least my children’s continued position in the temple should I be detected. You must get this thing to me, and as soon as I have it in my hands, I will take immediate action to spirit away your daughter to safety, and maybe, just maybe, if the circumstances allow it, also your wife.”

Again, he casts a look towards the distant novice, and satisfied that he can’t be overheard by him continues: “It is rumoured that Itzcoatl possess a certain item of cultic significance. He is keeping it secret, so you will never have seen it. I myself don’t know exactly what it is made of and what it looks like, but I can tell you that it is oblong and between the size of a small knife and a sword. Itzcoatl doesn’t want anyboy to know that he has it, and he will keep it well hidden, most likely in his own quarters, where there is no risk of accidental discovery and where he can access it at his convenience. He might also carry it hidden on his body, though it is in all probability too bulky to hide it on his person for any length of time. Look for something you have never before seen in his possession, and for something that will most probably look very strange to your eyes, something of which you can make nothing. When you have it, bring it to me immediately but secretly, any time of day or night.”

Sorry to hear about your mother, Crow Caller; 2009 doesn’t seem to be your year. Or maybe it is, supposing that this menace passes you by as did the fire, rattled but unscathed. I hope for it.

All of you (including Crow Caller), with Jake unavailable and Crow Caller also in no state to game, I shall for now slow down the rate of my own posts and thus the overall rate of story progression. Just so you know.

Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Punchau. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Punchau punches the bload bronze blade of his dagger into Qaran’s abdomen and rips it up under his ribs, into his lung. A gurgle wrenches from Qaran’s throat, and blood wells over his lips instantly. His eyes find Punchau’s, for a moment full of wonder, then this wonder makes way for sheer terror. Qaran’s friend and companion of half a dozen raids and untold nights of guard duty has given him a fatal wound, and Qaran is warrior enough to know that he’s well beyond saving.

Punchau feels the wetness of Qaran’s lifeblood on his palm as he clamps his left hand over his victim's mouth, stifling any scream. Qaran’s legs buckle and when Punchau withdraws his dagger, red to the hilt, the dying man glides down the godstone wall to the floor, guided to it by the hand over his mouth. He lies crumpled at the base of the wall, gurgling in a rapidly spreading puddle of his own blood, his whole body wracked by a succession of violent spasms.

Wow, Punchau’s quite the bastard – I’m loving it. :mrgreen: And I’m glad now that the knockout didn’t work, as this has forced Punchau to commit far more to his desperate venture. Great!

Qaran has a total P 19, meaning that he is unable to act, and BL 16 – he’ll be dead in under half a minute. Punchau can either let him die or finish him off – no roll required either way, and no risk of being detected in the solitude of the jail. Punchau also knows behind what barred, not locked, godstone door Palaluca is held captive and can free her easily. Please describe the passage of Punchau releasing her yourself; you can play Palaluca’s reaction to him in any way you like – let us know how it is between the two of them. And let us also know what Punchau’s going to do next.

In any case you get 1 SA point to Punchau’s Love-Passion; murdering his old mate is easily worth that! :twisted:

Author:  Hector [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

"I'm so very sorry," Punchau says quietly to his dying friend, as he slides the dagger up under the jaw and into the brain in an attempt to make Qaran's death less painful. He then wipes the blade of his dagger on the Qaran's clothes and removes the keys from his belt. His face grim, he checks the list of cells and inmates and walks over to Palaluca's cell.

"We need to go," he tells Palaluca quickly and quietly. "Preferably before the guard's body is discovered."

Well, Punchau could have tried talking his way out of it, but he's not much of a talker; this way worked better and committed him to making sure that both he and Palaluca escape quickly.

Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Hector, I’ve got the suspicion that you’re a bit uncomfortable with it, but I would really like to encourage you to take the scene of Palaluca’s rescue a bit further on your own, including the reaction of Palaluca. She’s after all an NPC of your making, and you know much better than I do what you have in mind for her, what the relationship – if any – between her and Punchau would be like and how she would consequently react to him. Please give us a short scene of Punchau freeing her in which you describe both his and her actions, much like Ian has done in his posts. I also need this to get an idea of how intimate Palaluca is with Punchau – you have created this background detail and you need to demonstrate its ramifications to me.

Please take the scene on right to the point where Punchau and Palaluca leave the dungeons and tell me where and how and with what intent he is going from there. For the moment, please play both Punchau and Palaluca until flee the jail, then I will butt in again.

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Grettir wrote:
All of you (including Crow Caller), with Jake unavailable and Crow Caller also in no state to game, I shall for now slow down the rate of my own posts and thus the overall rate of story progression. Just so you know.

Jake should have an internet connection Monday. So with good tides and a fair wind maybe we can resume the normal cycle on Wednesday.

In the meantime -- can anyone think of a relatively logical SA choice for Pac Utal. He needs a replacement for the completed Drive and I'd like something that has potential to bring the player characters into more contact.

One question for Grettir -- is Palaluca An-Ara's friend?


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