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Author:  Grettir [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:15 am ]
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Hector wrote:
I see. I have to be honest, this whole Stance malarkey is new to me, and may take some getting used to.

Before setting out on this venture I have intimated that it would be played as a Nar/Sim hybrid leaning heavily to the Nar side, but I have guessed that you are unused to this style. But don’t worry, your previous post shows me that you are catching on just fine. Just keep in mind that this style distributes much if the responsibilities and prergatories that are usually solely the referee’s among all participants, as in establishing facts about the setting or initiating story lines. You will realize that this requires particiapnts who will not abuse this power, whose prime goal is not to have their characters succeed, but to participate in the telling of an engaging story. From your account of your time-travelling atomic-bomb-in-suitcase adventure and your perfect willingness to have your character die in it I have few doubts that you are a layer of the latter type.

Anyway, you might want to read the entire discussion I have linked above, and you are of course welcome to pose questions on proceedings.

Punchau. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Qaran clucks his tongue and nods. “I know exactly what you mean, mate”, he says. “I’m none too keen on watching some poor sod getting butchered myself, but ya have to make a showing every now and again, don’t ya? I mean, sure, it’s necessay, and of course also fitting we repay the Gods for leading us out of the jungle and giving us the cities and keeping us save here an’ all, but the sheer mass of people sacrifices made nowadays – somehow, well, I dunno. It just ain’t like the old days anymore. Only today, Nahual has hauled in some poor young thing sentenced for nothing moe than a bit of tomfoolery.”

At these words, he indicates one of the bronze-hinged cell door cut from a single slab of godstone with a nod of his head and then continues: “But I’m blatherin’ away when you want to know about the sacrifices. I’ve heard noting of the oracles demanding yet another one, but you may be lucky anyhow. One of the boys dropped by just before you came and and told me the news. Seems Itzcoatl has called an unscheduled urgent session of the conclave, and the all priests are besides themselves with excitement. Something big is going on, and I’ve heard that Itzcoatl has given preliminary orders to prepare some grand special ceremony. Word is it’s to be enacted in the evening, and the Dark Twin take my soul if blood will not flow. You might have a chance to catch your sacrifice already later today.”

Hector, Punchau’s friend Qaran (remember, all of you, by the way, that both the warriors and the priests are a rather small group only allowed to marry amongst each other, so it’s likely that many will be actually related to each other) is bored by his guard duty and in a talkative mood. Getting further information concerning Palaluca, out of him should be very easy, but maybe Punchau wants to do something else entirely; if Itzcoatl’s ceremony does really entail some sacrifice, time is short.

If Punchau wants to unobtrusively pry Qaran for more info, roll Soc/Intrigue, with Passion and Drive as applicable bonus dice. As Punchau isn’t good as this kind of shtick, the roll is against the skill default TN of 13, but as Qaran is in such a gossippy mood and also Punchau’s friend, anything but a fumble will yield the info Qaran has.

Author:  Grettir [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:45 am ]
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Pac Utal. Pac Utal’s townhouse at Ozomatli.

After a morning in the workshop, Pac Utal had been looking forward to his mid-day repast. Because of the stifling heat at noon-time, the main meals in Ozomatli and the other mound-cities are breakfast and dinner, but that doesn’t preclude Pac Utal’s own lunch to be a small, but exquisite affair – he is, after all, the wealthiest man in Ozomatli, and with the importance the temple is placing on his singular craft, his future is bright and he is well underway to become maybe the most prosperous man in the world – or so he has been thinking before receiving this day’s news.

It had been brought by An-Ara, his careless sister. This morning, she has been overseeing a delivery to the temple, something she has been volunteering to undertake. Such diligence would normally be out of character for An-Ara, but Pac Utal was himself sufficiently well-connected to the temple to know that there was more to his sister’s sudden spell of responsibility. This morning, a mound-monkey, one of An-Ara’s fellows, was to be tried at the temple; previously, there had only been censure of this kind of reckless sport, but with the steeply increased demand for sacrifices, the punishments for all kind of transgressions have recently been made more severe.

Pac Utal had given up waiting for An-Ara and had begun his lunch when his sister had finally burst into the room. He had immediately seen that she was in a most strange mood, downcast and upset and excited all at once.

“The God is dead”, An-Ara had blurted out. “They say the God is dead!”

Pac Utal had calmed his sister and tried to get the story out of her. It seems that the temple was buzzing with rumours, rumours passed on to An-Ara by one of her young clerical acquaintances. The rumours are contradictory, with some saing that the God has re-ascended into heaven, but others that he has died. Some rumours say that the high-priest Itzcoatl has called a special conclave of the high priests, others that he was privileged to witness the God’s transfiguration, still others that he has found the God’s corpse, and the most outrageous one that he has murdered the God – poison is mentioned in conjunction with that.

Pac Utal is desperate to learn more, but all An-Ara does know is that the God’s Servitors have supposedly gone into temporary seclusion, but that there will be some kind of very decisive action being taken later that very day.

What now, Ian? That Itzcoatl is somehow connected to the God’s demise should be quite alarming to Pac and point him in a certain direction.

Author:  Grettir [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Higgins, it is not my intention to play out Itzcoatl’s actions and address to the other high priests, but you are very welcome to post what specifically he is imparting to them, and how, if you want to. If you don’t, I’ll pick up his story after the session of the conclave, probably tomorrow.

Author:  higgins [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Hm, considering the type of the game we're running, I feel that I have said everything I feel is necessary about the rites and statements. If any questions were brought up, Itzcoatl probably intimidated others with exaggerating the urgency and the level of interest that Servitors actually invested in the rite. Oh, and I loved how you managed to step on Punchau's toes with my ritual-idea. :mrgreen:

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Pac's agile mind ran through the tumult of An-Ara's tale to the heart of the matter. The ways of the gods might well be mysterious, but the ways of the servitors were far more mundane -- and far more predictable. If the Servitors were throwing their weight around then one could expect the blood to stop flowing once their purpose was fulfilled. The fact that the Servitors were out of sight was ... disturbing. It lent credence to the tale that a god was dead.

An-Ara looked at him expectantly. Pac smiled at his beloved sister. "Go and ask P'Tarn to join us.", he said in a calm, level voice. "We have family business to discuss."

As An-Ara turned on her heel and left the room Pac continued to ponder An-Ara's words. The Temple district was a maze and the rumours that emanated from it were no less convoluted, apt to turn upon themselves and lead the unwary to a dead end. The secret was to have some piece of knowledge, some fact, on which to center the maelstrom of innuendo, inference, supposition, and rumour.

In this case Pac had two facts. On the one hand the ambition of Itzcoatl. While Pac had never met the man directly, those that had suggested that he believed that he should be served as a god. That the high priest was both cunning and vicious -- and a regular, reliable client through the usual intermediaries -- simply indicated that anything was possible. On the other, the servitors were in hiding.

Pac recalled An-Ara's words. Poison. Why was this rumour so ... damnably specific? The Servitors would never mention such detail except to each other. The chances of that being overheard were negligible. So someone must have seen something. Pac rubbed the palms of his hands dows his face and began to massage his temples, easing the tension he felt building within him. If someone had seen something and drawn the conclusion that poison was involved then they must have been fairly close to whatever was happening. Rumours get more accurate when the rumour-monger was close to the action.

Pac heard footsteps approaching; those of his siblings. As P'Tarn entered the room An-Ara signalled to one of her staff. Moments later the sound of activity reverberated around the workshop. An-Ara closed the door behind her and said, "We will not be overheard, brother."

P'Tarn, his body aglow with health and vitality fresh from training said, "Rumours are flying around the city -- and you summon me from training only days from the tournament. This can't be good."

"Indeed," replied Pac with an exhalation of breath that indicated a degree of resignation. "We need to insulate ourselves from any potential ... fallout from today's ... excitement." Pac measured his words carefully. "There is a rumour floating around that a god has been poisoned. We are in that particular line of work. One of our clients, the treacherous Itzcoatl, may not know that he is one of our clients but there is a chain of intermediaries that leads from him to us. He seems to be involved somehow in this ... event. We must break the chain -- and quickly."

"I have prepared for just this eventuality. Those intermediaries that we deal with are poisoned each time they handle one of our ... packages. They are also fed an antidote. It is time to stop giving them the antidote."

Pac went over to the tapestry behind the ornate godstone table he used to conduct his business affairs. He drew a string out from behind the tapestry and pulled on it. The tapestry rolled up like a Roman blind to reveal a door -- the door to his other workshop. Disappearing within briefly he returned with three pouches.

"Candy pouches...?" queried P'Tarn.

Pac covered the hidden door once more. "Take these to Tekal, Ban-coatl, and R'kana. Tell them that these candy are far better for ... relaxing the mind when the day proves stressful. Make certain that they give you the old candy pouches in return. If they seem reluctant tell them that I went out of my way to make these candy just for them. To refuse would probably ... upset me."

P'Tarn smiled. "So this candy is poisonous?"

Pac frowned. "No, far from it. It is in fact an excellent relaxant. You see I have no doubt that our friends will be suspicious. They'll ensure someone else tries the first piece. No, this candy simply contains none of the antedote that they've been taking to counteract the poison they've been absorbing from handling the packages."

An-Ara was fascinated. "So what exactly does the poison do? The one they've already absorbed?"

Pac laughed. "In small amounts it causes an effect not unlike madness. The victim is unable to answer the simplest of questions with the proper answer. It is ... incredibly frustrating. When asked what your name is you answer with, say, your favourite dessert. When asked what day it is you give your name. Your memory is unaffected but the links between question and answer become scrambled."

"Our friends though have not received small amounts..."

P'Tarn and An-Ara took the candy pouches and headed out the door. Pac sat behind the table, glancing absently at the list of outstanding orders for godstone pieces. Pac pondered the implications of the day's events. He could almost smell the blood beginning to flow in the Temple district. Would the bloodflow reach his door, beckon him to the altar? A chill of premonition gripped his heart... Pac smiled. There was little he enjoyed more than to toy with thoughts of imminent destruction. He felt it kept him motivated when others pondered their successes.

His contemplation was interrupted by a knock at the door. Shaq-Atli, an apprentice godstone worker and cousin's son, stuck his head through the door. "Master Utal, two representatives from the trade delegation of the city of Arcomatli are here to see you."

I'm not sure what I need to pay for the introduction of the trade delegation story line, the spray of "intermediary" characters, and the detailed description of the poison.

Author:  Grettir [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Sorry for keeping you waiting, Ian, but you realize of course that we needed first to establish exactly how and to what extent the word about the God’s death spread.

Anyhow, I liked your – entirely justified – confidence in playing Pac Utal’s siblings in your previous post. That’s exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. Also, the facts you introduced are not so beneficial for Pac Utal as to warrant any Drama cost. But I would like to ask you wether you intend anything special with the trade delegation or if you’re just passing me the ball?

And higgins, the way a referee, and indeed all participants, can use anything happening in the game to give turn up the heat, as in this case underneath Punchau, is one of the beauties of having no fixed plotlines and indeed few established facts. I honestly have not slightest idea who killed the God, and why, and still we have already quite an intricate net of interrelations. And Jake’s character has not even come on yet!

Author:  Hector [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Well, I do like my characters to succeed, but I'm not too adverse to a suitably dramatic death. Well, on the bright side, I get 8 dice so I might have half a chance...


Edit: As I got one 10, here's the exploding dice:


Punchau. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Punchau remains quiet for the most part, making token responses of agreement, but then if the news of a possible sacrifice later that day is true...

"Oh aye?" Punchau asks in reply to the news, his tone suggesting that his old friend should continue.

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Grettir wrote:
Sorry for keeping you waiting, Ian, but you realize of course that we needed first to establish exactly how and to what extent the word about the God’s death spread.

Yes indeed! ;)

Grettir wrote:
Anyhow, I liked your – entirely justified – confidence in playing Pac Utal’s siblings in your previous post. That’s exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. Also, the facts you introduced are not so beneficial for Pac Utal as to warrant any Drama cost. But I would like to ask you wether you intend anything special with the trade delegation or if you’re just passing me the ball?

I see Pac as juggling a lot of balls and hoping beyond hope that none of them hit the ground.

I have ideas for where this might go -- the acquisition of godstone items, the acquisition of poisons -- but I am also happy for you to use this element for your own plans, whatever they might be.


Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Pac Utal. Pac Utal’s townhouse at Ozomatli.

The two middle-aged men who are shown into Pac Utal’s reception room, where he uses to conduct business with his clients, look very unassuming and strangely out of place in the lavishly decorated chamber – but then this is only as it should be with such a clandestine delegation. Pac Utal is acutely aware just how important his skills at shaping godstone have become for the temple, and how the priests intend to benefit from this small marvel, and he is most unwilling to be made some kind of ward of the temple and be cut out of the deal and reduced to enjoying only sorry scraps of the revenue his capabilities will generate. Pac has secretly approached business acquaintances of his from the neighbouring city of Arcomatli with an offer to trade them godstone items, and they have sent a small delegation. Only his siblings and his trusted aide and apprentice Shaq-Atli know of these dealings, and to avoid any temple spies the envoys were brought to his house in secret and in unassuming disguise.

The younger envoy, Xochil, is an old business acquaintance with whom Pac Utal has often had clandestine dealings in poisonous substances, but it is the older of the two men, Maz Cipac, who is at the centre of Pac’s attention and for whose presence he has bargained with the small godstone amulet he had smuggled into Arcomatli. Maz Cipac is a senior member and maybe even councillor of the secret League of Artisans, a conspirative brotherhood to break the stranglehold of the God-imposed caste system that places even successful busines men like Pac Utal so near the bottom of the social pyramid. More than mere financial gain it is the League that is central to Pac’s upcoming negotiations – he has especially requested that Maz Cipac should come to Ozomatli in person.

Introductions are made, initial pleasantries exchanged and refreshments offered, then Shaq-Atli is set to safeguard the meeting against any possible eavesdroppers and the secret negotiations begin in earnest.

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Punchau. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Punchau isn’t exactly reknown for subtlety in his dealings with other humans, but his chatty, innocently responsive manner coupled with Qaran’s eagerness to pass his time does the trick. Qaran chats away, and all that’s needed of Punchau is an occasional innocent question or even just a puzzled look.

Punchau learns that everything Qaran knows about the evening ritual is only gossip, hearsay and speculation. Something momentous seems to have happened, maybe some kind of omen or oracle; the Servitors have gone into seclusion and Itzcoatl, Punchau’s own direct superior has summoned an unscheduled conclave. He has also given preliminary orders to prepare some great ritual to be enacted later today, and knowing what grand rituals entail it seems highly likely that a sacrifice will be required.

While Qaran talks about that Nahual returns as if on cue, taking away an adolescent prisoner to the sacrifice scheduled for today. Qaran and Punchau help Nahual to bind and restrain the struggling youth, and when he is marched off, weeping and sobbing in desperate terror, Qaran takes up his tale.

“Well, that leaves us only with the pretty one”, he says with a nod at the barred godstone door of Palaluca’s cell. “And if she’s sacrificed later today, the priests’ll be hard pressed to find somebody for the next time the oracles call for blood to feed the Gods. And with what’s currently going on, that might already be in a few days.”

Fighting down his terror, Punchau uses this opening to turn the converation to the sole prisoner remaining n the dungeon, Palaluca. Qaran can tell him that she has been tried for and sentenced for mound-running. This foolhardy activity has always been forbidden an frowned upon, but it had never been prosecuted – Palaluca’s case has been the first instance of this. Qaran has heard from Nahual, who has been present during the hearing, that she has been sentenced for endangering the fieldworkers and for damaging the supportive earthworks of the terraced fields, which was construed as disruptive anti-social behaviour, heedless of the Ozomatlian’s needs and detrimental to the well-being of the entire community. It sems that the presiding priest would have let her off if she would have been willing to inform on the identity of all the other mound-monkeys she associated with and who had managed to get away when Palaluca was caught in the act, but she refused, claiming that she did know her companions only by their mound-monkey handles and not their real names. As she was senenced to sacrifice, Palaluca broke down and offered desperately to roam the city with a guard, as she would be able to identify other mound-monkeys on sight, but the priest would have nothing of it – maybe because by then he alread had learned or suspected that a sacrifice would be needed later today, as Qaran speculates.

Hector, Punchau gets one skill check for Intrigue, and also one SA point to his Drive: Protect Palaluca. He seems to have learned all that Qaran knows and he can still not be sure that Itzcoatl will have Palaluca later today, though this seems likely. What will he do now?

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Nice, very nice...

Pac Utal smiled warmly. "While the distance between Ozomatli and Arcomatli may not be that great I would like to show my ... heartfelt appreciation of the effort you have gone to in order to be here. The personal risk you have taken to be here. I have a secret that I would like to share with you."

The raiding for slaves made every city somewhat wary of its neighbours. In the aftermath of a raid it was not uncommon to break off all ties with those cities. While each city was nominally self-sufficient there was always some amount of trade between the cities, particularly for the work of the top artisans. In the aftermath of a raid though even this trickle of goods became illegal.

The secret League of Artisans had initially been created in order to foster trade ties -- in effect, to raise trade above politics. Policies Change; Trade is Forever. That was the catch cry in the early days. With wealth though comes influence and with influence, power. The ambitions of the League grew. The catch cry evolved. Now it was a cry of allegiance as well as a chain of authority: "Gods, Trades, Cities." No mention of priests...

Pac wanted to be Ozomatli's representative to the League of Artisans. It was a matter of some inconvenience that he did not know who the current representative was; in fact, he did not even know for certain whether Ozomatli was represented on the Council. What Pac had been able to discern -- more through a remarkable turn of fortune then any great cunning -- was that Maz Cipac was most likely to be the representative for Arcomatli.

Pac looked at the older man. To Pac's knowledge the man had all the qualities of a Master Artisan -- he was clever, ruthless, and he possessed a prodigious network of informants. The fact he was even here meant something.

Cipac looked at Xochil and back to Pac. "We are ... fascinated ... by the very thought of discovering just what this might mean.", he said as he tapped the pouch that had carried the amulet.

"Indeed.", Pac replied. "My family workshop has been producing relatively small items of shaped godstone for The Temple. I have no doubt that you are intimately familiar with this -- and no doubt even have a reasonable estimate of the output of our humble workshop." Pac smiled again. "Maz Cipac's network of ... contacts is a matter of legend here in Ozomatli."

Maz Cipac looked at Pac, holding his gaze like a Petal Viper. "Two master artisans, four journeymen, four apprentices -- all family members. A dozen labourers under the authority of another family member. Most of the labourers are related -- if not all -- to the craftsmen. Output varies from week to week -- ranging from forty to sixty pounds of crafted godstone. Give or take."

Pac tried very hard not to look astonished. "Give or take..."

"As I understand it," Cipac continued, "there is an inverse relationship between the size of the piece and the degree of detail that can be produced. Put simply, the smaller the piece the greater the detail. Is that the gist of it?"

Pac regained his composure. "Your sources are impeccable.", Pac said, smiling warmly once more, "Your understanding is better than that of the apprentices!"

"I hope this wasn't the secret that you wished to convey to ... us in person?"

Pac got the distinct impression that "us" could mean "me" in the tongue of the Arcomatli...

"No, certainly not.", replied Pac, seeking to regain control of proceedings. "What nobody knows, not even the priests of The Temple, is that we have learned a technique that allows us to work on much larger pieces and in far greater detail. The resulting pieces are highly detailed and seamless."

"Impressive...", responded Xochil.

Pac continued. "We have produced a single piece using this technique. It is a thing of beauty and wonder fit to adorn the sanctuary of the gods themselves. It will remain unique for some time, all the better to bestow prestige upon our patron."

"You couldn't be persuaded to ... redirect it elsewhere?", said Maz Cipac.

Pac smiled. "What could be offered in exchange for such a piece? Ownership of such a singular piece ... well, the patron would hold peerless position within his or her caste. While it remained unique."

Maz Cipac had a faraway look in his eyes. "What about..."

Pac interrupted him. "That's not the secret. In a few days the whole city will be aware of what we have made and bestowed upon our patron."

"What then...?" asked Xochil.

Pac brought out a beautiful wooden box inlaid with small godstone decorations. The box was perhaps three feet wide, a foot deep, and a few inches tall. He handed it over to Maz Cipac. "A gift from my workshop and the artisans of Ozomatli to you and the artisans of Arcomatli. Long may trade prosper between our cities. Gods - Trades - Cities.", he intoned, adding formality to the exchange.

Maz Cipac took the box from Pac's outstretched hands and placed it on the table in front of him. The box was exquisite, yet it barely held their attention. Xochil opened the box for Maz Cipac... and gasped. For within the box was a sword. the sword was made of godstone, its edge almost transparent it was so finely honed. "Gods - Trades - Cities." breathed Maz Cipac.

"Not even the gods know we can make these...", Pac whispered.

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ian, I assume that Pac Utal is intendig his gift to prepare the ground for the subsequent use of his skills and services tas bargaining chip to gain access to the League. For this we will use “Fortune at the beginning”, that is we will roll the dice once and the result will then tell us how the following negotiating scene is to be played out. It is a contest of Maz Cipac’s Social/Diplomacy against Pac Utal’s Social/Diplomacy; Pac Utal can use his Drive to ascend to the council of the league as bonus dice.

As a general guideline of what the results mean a draw in the number of successes is enough for Pac Utal to be admitted to the league, and three successes more than Maz Cipac mean that he will be made Ozomatli’s councillor right away. If Pac Utal looses by three successes, he gives the league his services practically for free, on the thin hope of making it favourable to his admission at some later time. Should Maz Cipac win by four sucesses, Pac Utal does even volunteer the information that a god has supposedly been killed this very day; if Maz Cipac wins by five or more successes, Pac Utal throws even in the information that he has concocted the poison that killed the god, in the vain hope of impressing the league with his usefulness.

And don’t forget that you can use Luck to buy additional successes after you have rolled.

Maz Cipac rolls a Social of 6 against a Diplomacy of 5. Here’s his roll:

If you at least match his number of successes, you can mark down a skill improvement check for Diplomacy and are also awarded 1 SA point to Pac’s Drive. Also, feel free to describe the further negotiations yourself, based on my guidelines on the outcome of the contest.

And Crow Caller, I've seen that you were online a while ago; have you perchance missed my post addressing Ghost Jaguar?

Author:  Hector [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Punchau. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Punchau sighs softly. Knowing that he needs to act now, he says his farewells then turns as if to leave. Seeing that the room they're standing in is empty, he spins back around, throwing a hard punch in an attempt to knock his old friend unconscious. He likes Qaran after all; he just can't allow this to happen.

If I may, I'd like to limit my damage to a maximum of wound level 3. As it's a surprise attack, I'd like to use my entire CP on the attack. Assuming that the same SAs apply, that would be 16, so on the assumption that we're using the Companion version of Accuracy (since you said we could use companion gifts) I'd like to use six of those on adjusting the blow towards the head. If not, then I'd like to adjust the location roll upwards by one.

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ah, violence, and sooner than I thought. Excellent! :mrgreen: Punchau (Punch-out?) is taking the plunge.

Since this is likely to be very one-sided and not really an exchange of blows, we’ll use the full combat rules, as they stand, and as Qaran has just been chatting amiably with his friend Punchau, I rule that is taken by surprise so very much that he gets not Reflex roll to see wether he can act – he can’t.

As I like my Gifts to have as much bite as my Flaws, I’m going to let the choice of what version of the Accuracy rules you are going to use to you every time you are going to use the Gift. I assume that in this case you will go with the Companion version. As Punchau has this Gift, I do also allow the “pulling” of the blow – one third of the damage past level 3 will be applied, rounded mathematically correctly.

Also, and this is important for everybody, I am going to consistently use my houserule of only using half ST and half TO for calculating damage, just because I like this rule so very much. As Punchau’s ST equals Qaran’s TO anyway, this does not figure in this case anyhow.

Hector, please make a post where you roll for Punchau’s attack, with 9d10 (16, -6 for accuracy, -1 for a punch to the head, as per MRB p.234) against TN 5. Supposing you achieve any success at all, make then another post to roll 1d6 on Bludgeoning Wound Damage Table Zone XIII; I know that this result is to be modified by +3. Leave everything else then to me.

Author:  Hector [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

9d10, TN 5


Five successes. Nice. 1d6 for Location.


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