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Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Supporting trosfans

There are three ways you can help ensure that The Riddle of Steel does not fade away into the inky blackness that consumes all defunct role-playing games.

1) Post to this site.

By posting to this site you show others that there are gaming groups out there that actively play TRoS. An active forum is just about the only way someone who has heard of the game can find out whether the game is still played.

2) Create material for this site.

Creating something that others can download and use in their TRoS game is easy. Just email me the file and I'll put it up on the site in a post. I'll email you the thread URL and ask you to post to the thread describing what you've created and made available to the community. This thread can then be used by others to post questions and otherwise comment on what you have produced. When the owners of TRoS do not publish new material for the game this is the only way to get something new out to the TRoS community.

3) Make a financial contribution to this site.

When I first set up this forum I wanted to provide a simple mechanism whereby community members could contribute to the site financially. These funds would then be used exclusively to create content for this site. A beta version of a donation mod has been produced and I have updated the site. To make a contribution to this site:

Donations Welcome

I will update this page periodically and provide links to those items that have been created as a result of the financial contributions made by the members of this community. Those links are listed at the bottom of this post.

I also want to point out that these funds are available to assist with member's projects. If, for example, you have a set of house rules that you'd like to make available to the community then send the file my way, I'll do a professional layout in Adobe InDesign, and I'll use some of the donation money to commission an artist to create the cover art. The resulting PDF will then be loaded up onto the website for everyone to see.

Donations from the TRoS community have resulted in:

Wolfgang von Ritter, Earl of Westmarch


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