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 Post subject: Tylendel Greyoak
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:42 am 
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After another long period of being offline and otherwise unavailable, I thought I'd finally to something I've been thinking about off an on for years, namely to post my character. I've played this character in our setting (Empyre's Edge) for seven years, so he's progressed quite a bit from the young recruit he once was. :)

Tylendel Greyoak

Short and slim, Tylendel moves with a fluid grace. When he fights he relies more on his skill with the sword and swift movements than strength and toughness to keep him safe. His long blonde hair, slightly curled, frames a face that looks as if it belongs to a hero out of legend; his smile has been described as the downfall of saints, his dark blue eyes glittering as if being made of the joy of life. He can often be found playing the flute or singing, and when relaxing in the company of others he tells old stories and legends as well as stories of the things he and Eld of Byrkburgh has encountered, his soft voice more often than not captivating his audience.Tylendel tries to keep himself clean and well groomed at all times; although this is very often hard to do on his travels, he always tries his best.

Age: 24, born on the seventh day of Greytears, 1318.
Height: 160cm
Weight: 50kg
Social Class: Slave -> Courtier -> Prisoner -> Soldier -> Lord -> Soldier -> Knight -> Lord -> Provincial Steward -> Freeman

ST: 5
AG: 8
TO: 6
EN: 5
HT: 4
WP: 6
Wit: 7
MA: 4
Soc: 7
Per: 5

Reflex: 7 Aim: 6 KD: 6 KO: 9 Move: 9

Faith: The Lost God Found
Oath: The Moon Guard
Destiny: ???
Passion: Love Renata

Beauty of Legends (Major)
True Leadership (Major)


Acrobatics - 5
Acting - 5
Climbing - 7
Dancing (Folk) - 5
Dancing (Formal) - 7
Diplomacy - 8
Disguise - 5
Etiquette (Court) - 4 (+1D bonus)
First Aid - 9
Folk Lore - 8
Games - 4 (+1D bonus)
Herbalist - 5
Intrigue - 5
Juggling - 5
Law - 8
Leadership - 4
Musical Instr. (Flute) - 5
Orate - 4 (+1D bonus)
Persuasion - 7
Read/Write - 6
Research - 7
Ridicule - 5
Riding - 5
Sincerity - 5
Singing - 4
Sneak - 5
Strategy - 8
Survival (Mountains) - 10
Tactics - 6

Longsword - 12
Cut 'n Thrust - 10
Sword and Shield - 10
Dagger - 8
Bow - 2

Tylendel was born the first son of Ayerin, a pleasure girl in the service of Lord Samew Imlia, and she named her son Veran, after her own father. Ayerin was in fact the property of Lord Imlia, and Tylendel was therefore born into slavery. He grew up among the lower servants of Lord Imlia’s household, and because he was the son of a mere slave, he was often treated with contempt by the others of the Lord’s household. The Lord himself avoided Veran more than his other slaves and servants, and said on more than one occasion that ‘the child should never have been allowed to live’. Ayerin entertained both the Lord and his guests, and having Veran around put a strain on the Lord’s relations with many of his guests, since Veran could be the son of any of them. One day however, all this changed. One of the Lord’s guests started showing an interest in Veran, and the Lord was quick to see the advantage in this. He could sell Veran to his guest cheep, thereby pleasing his guest, and he could rid himself of Veran.

So it came to be that Veran was sold to Lord Emon Ingham, and his education began. First, Lord Ingham named him Tylendel, and gave him a family name. This he did by calling in some favours from a minor house that had fallen on bad times. He introduced Tylendel to his court as his new page, a boy he had taken in ‘because his heart reached out to this poor mistreated lad that had been so neglected’. The Lord himself took care of teaching Tylendel the etiquette of court, and he also taught Tylendel his letters. Tylendel’s mother was a great beauty, the pride of Lord Imlia, and it soon became evident that Tylendel had his mother’s beauty. As he grew up in the court of Lord Ingham, Tylendel became the darling of the ladies of the court, and the Lord himself showed more interest in Tylendel’s welfare, often as far calling on Tylendel at night, ‘to see that the boy was sleeping well’.

At the age of eleven, Tylendel was given a second teacher, the captain of his Lord’s Guard, Ser Artel. Ser Artel was to teach Tylendel in the art of sword fighting, and he pushed him hard, believing that his Lord wanted someone by his side that knew the ways of the blade that his enemies would overlook. After a while, Tylendel was also given two other teachers; Gartuan, a travelling gleeman, and Lydia, an experienced courtesan. Tylendel was told that in time, he would be travelling much on his Lord’s business, and he may have to pose as an entertainer to go undetected by his Lord’s enemies’ eyes, and that any young man in Lord Ingham’s service should know the ways of the bedchamber as well as those of the sword. Tylendel, who loved his Lord dearly, accepted this as he did all his Lord’s requests, and learned as much as he could from his new teachers, and he admitted to his Lord that he enjoyed some lessons more than others.

When he was fifteen, Tylendel was given new duties by his Lord. He was now used as his Lord’s courier and eyes, and he began travelling much in the territories near his Lord’s lands, becoming familiar with the lands and with being ahorse. Soon however, Tylendel’s life changed, as he learned of what could happen to an enemy of his Lord, and the realization that he was to become the instrument of his Lord’s anger and ambition. He also knew, that without Lord Ingham’s intervention, he would have had a much worse life than he had, and that he would never have been taught or loved as he was by Lord Ingham. He therefore thought no more of his initial doubts about his training and assignments, and so he set out on his journey as Lord Emon Ingham’s assassin.

At 18, Tylendel learned of the death of his mother. While he was on an assignment from Lord Ingham, he heard at an inn the story of the nobleman who had killed his most lovely pleasure girl. Tylendel heard the rumour several places as he travelled, and the details changed as he went from place to place. Some said the pleasure girl had fallen in love with one of the Lord’s retainers, some said she had tried to run away, some that she had refused to sleep with him, but they all ended the same; Lord Imlia had killed Ayerin, Tylendel’s mother.

When Tylendel returned to Byrkburg to Lord Ingham, he asked his Lord for permission to leave his service for a short while, to do some personal business, but his Lord had also heard the rumours, and he forbid Tylendel to take any action against Lord Imlia, at least until Lord Ingham told him to. Tylendel, loyal as he was to his Lord, accepted this, but he also swore to himself, that one day, he would slay Lord Samew Imlia, and he would make sure that the memory of his fate would make grown men tremble for a hundred generations…

(I may add more about Tylendel's story here, about what has happened during the playing...)

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 Post subject: Re: Tylendel Greyoak
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:03 am 
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Good to once again see somebody post a character here. And a nice one, too! :)

Tylendel's one persuasive bugger for sure; nigh impossible to resist, I'd say. Which brings me to the question as to whether your group is giving much weight to the results of social rolls, or whether roleplaying takes first place?

Also, I'd like to see Tylendel's Proficiencies, Maybe you could edit them in?

My real name is Michael; use it, if you like.

 Post subject: Re: Tylendel Greyoak
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:35 pm 
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Roleplaying takes first place, but there is some rolling too, primarily for important events. Must admit I would have been a bit miffed if I'd invested so much in a character only to have it ignored. ;)

Proficiencies? They're right there! *whistles innocently*

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